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We are proud that we are the first state in India to achieve 100% literacy rate. This site is dedicated to checking Kerala sslc result 2018.

Education in Kerala has been promoted in the course of the British rule in India by way of Christian missionaries who were eager on supplying training to all sections of society and on the strengthening of women, without any kind of discrimination. The contributions of Catholic clergymen and nuns have been crucial and have performed a prime position within the training of girls and participants of decrease strata of society, ensuing within the surpassing of many social hurdles. A tremendous determine within the nineteenth century became rev.Fr. Kuriakose Elias chavara,[5] who began a machine called "a school alongside every church" to make training available for each negative and wealthy. That gadget nevertheless maintains in the present. His paintings have resulted in the promotion of schooling for girls and have ended up a model for the academic machine in Kerala after independence. Kerala's high literacy charge is attributed to a high literacy fee among women; as it's miles said, "while a female is knowledgeable, she will make sure that her kids are well-educated."

Kerala's achievements in social improvement and fine of life are, no doubt, inspiring and encouraging. The kingdom has performed a human development index similar to the developed countries of the world. Prof. Amartya Sen has attributed those achievements in large part to the priority which the nation has accorded to excessive literacy among all Indian states and schooling for a long term. The society attaches a lot of importance to education that the school in Kerala is undoubtedly the nucleus of the social microcosm. Higher training kindles the aspirations of the human beings, and the primary challenge is on the way to enhance the best of schooling.