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How to Prepare for Your Kerala SSLC Exam 2018?

SSLC Tips 2016
We are here to give you some examination tips. These tips will definitely help you to perform your exam in a much more better way. Mugging up everything in the textbook and notebook is not enough to get higher marks. You have to understand precisely what you are learning. Here you get some studying tips to follow. We will remind you What all things you should consider while you study for exams. If you get study leaves, do not waste it. Utilize it well. So this site will give you some tips to use your study leave. Also, gives you an idea of what all things you should and shouldn't do on your exam day. These tips would help you to increase your confidence level. So come, let's go through the tips.

1  Clear all your doubts with the help of your teacher before study leave begins.

clear doubts sslc 2016
You should clear all your doubts on every subject before the beginning of study leaves. Because after that you may not be able to meet your teacher. Or else you should keep your teacher's phone number or email id and use it in case you have any doubts.

2  Make sure that you have the notes on every subject.

sslc notes 2016
If you have any incomplete note with you, do not forget to complete it before study leave. Make sure that you have the answers to every question; Especially mathematics. Keep your guides and all of you safely if you have one. If your friends have any good guides, do not forget to take photocopies of good notes. This will help you during your study time.

3  Make a good timetable.

sslc 2016 timetable
Make a timetable by yourself. Give more days for the tough subject. Study easy subjects first. This will increase your confidence level. You can concentrate more on your subjects during the early morning when there are no outside noises. Avoid late night studies. Easier subjects or chapters can be studied during afternoon time also. So you should make your timetable according to your taste.

4  Do not postpone your studies.

sslc 2016 study
Don't be lazy to start your studies during study leave. As early you start your studies so early you could finish off. Start with the subject you liked the most. This will increase your level of confidence. When you start with a tough subject which you don't like at all may create panic in you, and you couldn't study anything else. 

5  Collect previous years question papers and model question papers.

Exercising in previous years and model question papers will definitely help you. You can collect question papers from your teacher and also from your seniors. You can also get a variety of question papers from this site itself. Practicing on question papers is the most effective method to familiarize yourself with the exam.

6  Use a well oxygenated and well-lit room to study.

sslc study room
Your study room should be well lit and oxygenated. It shouldn't be dim and dirty. It should be clean and airy. Open the windows of the room so that you get pure air. Do not study by lying on the bed. This will make you sleepy.